Video review will be later. Below you will find sample screenshots comparing the Galaxy S II and the Aquos screens and I think that the Sharp screens looks more natural this is just my personal opinion. The objects on the bottom together with fish passing by create a very realistic stereo world. If you have any inquiries concerning the User’s Manuals examined through, or downloaded by the Download Service, please contact General Inquiries docomo Information Center. Have something to add?!

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I was surprised by lagging in the Gallery. When video playback is on it turns off automatically. Check your charges and data communications volume or apply for various procedures by Sb-10c docomo.

The NTT Docomo logo is right above the screen. It is designed not to exceed the limits for exposure to radio waves recommended by international guidelines.

The front side is rather plain — a solid plastic surface covering a 4. Japanese is used by default, but English is also available. The call loudspeaker is loud, too loud docoo if set to a maximum — the volume rocker at the side helps you adjust the volume.

Docomo SHC reviewed! –

In the latter the screen changes its characteristics to the worse. The same works well for video as soon as the recording was made with the phone. If you make this picture when the lens is near the straw’s end in the direction of the glass the latter will move into the perspective, while the former will become clearer near its end. If you experiment with the camera ideal scenes and viewing angles can be found.


And at the bottom there are the microUSB slot for syncing and charging, the mic and the strap hole. USB 2 helps to charge the phone and Bluetooth 3. Users are advised that inquiries concerning User’s Manuals provided by the Download Service may be restricted to persons actually purchasing products.

The body is made of glossy plastic with chrome edging on the front side. I was surprised to find out that the screen can only display colors — today only outer screens on some flip phones still offer that few. The WMA music cannot be played but the video is not having problem.

About SAR of SH-10C

The buttons work fine, however, I think the white backlight is rather dim shh-10c some people won’t find it sufficiently bright. I have inserted the SD card which I used at the old Docomo phone on this new phone. The active use of major features will limit the operation time to 24 hours. Its settings and features have nothing unusual.

Bear in mind that Docomo SHC comes equipped with the 1. Having used this screen in daily life the owner of the phone may get disillusioned when switching between 2D and 3D. Android smartphones will be fully unlocked i.


The start screen can work both in 2D and 3D. Everything works fast and smooth. Docomo full HD video sample.

Review of Sharp Docomo SH-12C Aquos Phone

docoomo Technically you can download converted 2D video for the phone to play it live in 3D. Then I tried the interactive fish tank. It feels very fast. You can carry out a simple test by closing left or right eye in turn.

Tested it works without hypersim No APN settings. The Company may, at docoo time at its sole discretion, discontinue the Download Service, or may change any of the contents or terms of the Download Service, without any notice to Users. Use both eyes and you will see the two images combined due to different angles of docoom eyes and the complicated mechanics of the 3D image formation.

New technologies always attract attention of the interested audiences.