Decrease the brightness of the display. This process must be completed for components to work properly. For help, ask your network system administrator. Gateway supports both wired and wireless connections. Page You have several Windows-based computers that are used for drive sharing, printing to a single printer, or surfing the Internet Your notebook computer has wireless Ethernet IEEE

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Press the drive into the bay, then try to access the disc again.

When the notebook is docked, only the USB ports on the port replicator are available. Helpspot HelpSpot Your computer may include HelpSpot information, troubleshooters, instructional videos, and automated support.

If you forget your ggateway, you must return your notebook to Gateway for service. If you run out of space and need to move the pointer farther, lift your finger, move it to the middle of the touchpad, then continue moving your finger.

Shut down and restart your computer. Page Firmly push the second battery straight into the bay until the latch clicks into place. Increase the brightness of the display. Ask your network administrator to so,o you select the correct network jack. Plug the AC adapter into this connector.

You can also switch change user accounts without turning off your notebook. A mixture of HPNA 1. Managing Power Changing power settings You can change the function of the power button, Standby key, and power-saving timers by changing power settings on your notebook.


Managing Power Monitoring the battery charge Closely monitor the battery charge. Laser printers and cartridges are more expensive, but usually they print much faster than inkjet printers. You do not need to shut down the oslo to connect a keyboard.

Using Audio Dj Back Skip back one song or to the start of the current song. Slide and hold the release latch, then pull the 3. When you travel with your notebook, you merely disconnect from the docking station or port replicator instead of unplugging all the external devices.

Docking stations and port replicators Although you can attach external devices directly to your notebook, adocking station or port replicator lets you makeall of those connectionsat once. Log onto America Online through one of your screen names and the other computers can access the Internet using an Internet browser.

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Your network administrator can help you log onto your network. Therefore, you can paste copies of a file or folder into more than one place, but as soon as you copy or cut a different file or folder, the original file or folder is deleted from the clipboard. The Scheduled Tasks window opens. Connecting to an Ethernet network www.

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Identifying this notebook on the network If this is the first time you have used networking on your notebook, you need to provide Windows with the name of the notebook and the workgroup to which it belongs. A powerful business laptop with a top-quality 4K screen. The names of the music tracks appear in the playlist area.


Not functional with your notebook. If you do not see the Modems icon, click view all control panel options.

Using Wireless Ethernet In Windows Xp Make sure you read each screen in the wizard nodem make your selections based on your particular network situation. Modification to a wireless device will void the authorization to use it. The Edit Configuration dialog box opens.

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Hot-swapping means that you can insert a PC Card while your notebook is running. If you want to apply one of Windows’ color schemes, go to Step 6. The meter on the left side now registers the signal strength for wireless Ethernet on your notebook if other computers with the same network name are within range of your notebook.

Windows Basics Working with documents Documents are commonly word processing files, spreadsheet files, or other similar files.