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I have also updated the post with the new link. Hey, we’re hiring some. This allows you to configure things like nHibernate 2nd level cache nhibegnate, such as memcache. To start you need to add the references to nHibernate that you require in my case NHibernate, Iesi. How I did it: NET developers to work on a pretty neat project up here in Alaska.

If you run NHibernate. I saw this which helped me on my way, but we don’t use nHibernate. ConfigurationFile linqpar find the location of the file, and if it does not exist create it. NET job in Alaska. I should note that this is commercial product development so our standards are pretty high, but that’s part of what makes it fun! Linq and build it. This can be nhiibernate for switching between different databases and data contexts.


As long as you include the necessary libraries in lijqpad query references, and the configuration in the linqpad. What was I thinking: Resolve connection string config issues If you provide NHibernate with connection strings from App. In this example, those would be Northwind.

If you provide NHibernate with connection strings from App. It was painful to execute the entire codebase to run one or two queries and view the output sql, so I started writing integration-unit tests for query optimisation.

See your SQL queries when usin’ NHibernate with LINQPad

Add references to NHibernate. This was slightly better, but still required a change-compile-run-review process which was annoying.

Linq, so the steps were a bit different. Newer Post Older Post Home. You may want to click the “Set as default for new queries” button in the lower left so you don’t need to set up these assembly and namespace references the next time you start LINQPad.

The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way. This method only works with pre-compiled entity mappings, so if you intend to improve performance at the entity mapping layer you still need to do this through your application and export the assemblies for LINQPad to use. It seems to be the gold standard for any nHibernate shop, but them’s the breaks.


See your SQL queries when usin’ NHibernate with LINQPad

Sorry for spamming your blog, but you should let folks know! The setup process is a bit tedious, but you only need to do it once.

We assume Object-Oriented Programming concepts and teaches C. If you don’t want to mess up your real hibernate.

The outcome was extremely useful however, and now I am free to tinker with my queries a lot more freely. While looking at ways to assess and improve performance some nHibernate queries, I was frustrated with the tools at my disposal.

You can check out the latest source here. Oh wait, that was my boss.